Every day should be a “Holi” Day


The older generation has read about the legendary Lord Vishnu devotee Prahalad and his father Hiranyakashipu who was killed by Lord Vishnu in the avatar of Narasimha (Half lion and half human) who emerging from a pillar proved devotees are tested but never let down by God.

What is the connection between Holi and Prahalad one may ask?

The story goes like this. The father who was an evil and powerful king had performed many a tapasya and won boons. As he was evil minded, he assumed he is God and demanded everyone to worship him as God.

His Son, Prahalad refused to saying it is Lord Vishnu who is God and his father is a mere human. Losing his patience, the king calls his sister, Holika who terrorizes living beings (humans and animals) for fun to enter a burningpyre with Prahalad in her lap. Though Holika was immune to fire thanks to a boon, she lost her life in the very fire she entered whereas, Prahalad stepped out unscathed with the grace of Lord Vishnu.

Thus, a festival was born with a traditional burning of Holika or the HolikaDahan the previous day,circumambulating the fire, and praying that all evil thoughts are destroyed in the fire for one to live a pure and clean life.

I, PushpamAppalanaiducelebrate life every minute by practicing spirituality, destroying evil and negative thoughts, and allowing positive thoughts to enter.One should follow this to lead a happy and peaceful life.

The very next day is a day of celebration wherein, people play, throw colors on each other celebrating a new life with sweets and cold drinks.

Mythology based stories always have a meaning behind them if one looks for it. The idea is to help people follow a good conduct in their lives and believe in the virtue of being truthful. Negative thoughts and deeds may seem winning but eventually loses to good deeds and thoughts.

Today, it is common for people to resort to evil practices for little gains destroying the goodness of human nature. By celebrating Holi, people can connect with each other, play, enjoy life and eventually let go of the pettiness in their minds turning out to be wonderful humans.

Happy Holi and Happy Positive thinking in life,


Hi, I'm Pushpam Appalanaidu

I was born and raised in Perak, Malaysia in a large family. My formal education was in Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya. My roots are from India as my name suggests and from the coastal city of Vizag, on the banks of the famous Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh. With strong connections with India, values my parents imbibed in me and strong inclination to spirituality. I was initiated by Swami Chidananda from Divine Life Society, founded by Swami Sivananda, Rishikesh.


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