The Importance of Gita Jayanti by Pushpam Appalanaidu


Gita Jayanti falls on the Shukla Ekadashi in Margashirsha and symbolizes the birth ofShrimad Bhagavad-Gita. It was on this day that Sanjaya narrated to King Dhritarashtra the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna. The Bhagavad Gita consists of political, spiritual, psychological, practical, and philosophical values in just 18 chapters with 700 verses.

The Gita is a source of power and wisdom, strength and inspiration teaching oneself to embrace righteousness and resist unrighteousness.Swami Sivananda says, “The teachings of the Gita are broad, sublime and universal. They do not belong to any particular cult, sect, creed, age, place, or country. They are meant for all. They are within the reach of all. The Gita has a message for the solace, peace, freedom, salvation, and perfection of all human beings”.

I have taken the liberty of taking a quote (as is)from Swami Sivananda from his book, Yoga Samhita, wherein, he writes, “The greatness of the Gita lies in the integrality of its scope, the universality of its teachings, the all-comprehensiveness of its doctrine. The Perfect Man gives the Perfect Science of the Perfect Life. This Perfect Science, which is the Bhagavad Gita, aims at unveiling the deepest secrets in a language which is at once simple and grand, charming, and dignified, revealing the glory of the Spirit, the majesty of the Divine. This secret is the relation between man and God, between man and his environment. When once this secret of existence, this art of living, is known, man is lifted from penury to a blissful fulfilment, from limitation to self-completion in the Infinite,”.

I also came across this quote which I found interesting. “No matter how educated or learned you are, you tend to live your life in darkness, till the time, you get enlightened with theSpiritual, supreme and divine knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita,”.

How true it is indeed. One is blessed to have a copy of the Gita and is even more in bliss when one reads it everyday and diligently practices it.

Hi, I'm Pushpam Appalanaidu

I was born and raised in Perak, Malaysia in a large family. My formal education was in Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya. My roots are from India as my name suggests and from the coastal city of Vizag, on the banks of the famous Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh. With strong connections with India, values my parents imbibed in me and strong inclination to spirituality. I was initiated by Swami Chidananda from Divine Life Society, founded by Swami Sivananda, Rishikesh.

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