Your Karmic actions leads to Rebirth


Karmanye Vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana, Ma karma phala hetur bhur ma te sangostvakarmani. “Thy business is with the action only, never with its fruits; so let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor be thou to inaction attached.” Gita: Chapter II-47. – Swami Sivananda.

God dispenses fruits of actions according to an individual’s desires and motives. If your desire is pure, you will attain divine grace and purity and if your desire is impure, you will reap the fruits of your actions and rebirth.

When an individual nurtures desires, he is guaranteeing himself of further births. Dhruva for instance, was one of five children of King Uttanapada. He had a desire to sit on his father’s lap but was prevented by his stepmother. She felt he wanted to sit on the throne and take over the kingdom. 

In a heart-broken state, Dhruva went to his mother who advised him to seek out Lord Vishnu. Dhruva left home for the forest determined to devote himself to Lord Vishnu. As Dhruva was on his way, he met Sage Narada who affirmed he was on the right path.

In this state, Dhruva meditated on Lord Vishnu. After severe penance, he attained the vision of the Lord. Lord Vishnu blessed Dhruva with kingship for 36,000 years following which Dhruva would attain a permanent position in the celestial region.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, Dhruva wondered if this is what he wanted.

In today’s world, individuals have innumerable desires. One goes through several births to achieve them. 

However, if one just performs their duty unmindful of the fruits, desire becomes non-existent leading one to attain moksha which is the ultimate aim for being born as a human in this world.

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