What does the Gita say in today’s world?


Everyone has either heard, read, or shared a quote atleast from the Bhagavad Gita in their lifetime, knowingly or unknowingly. Gita is not just a book containing 18 chapters and told by Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield while both sides but is a book of teaching. 

It makes one ask Who AM I? What is nature? What is Universe? How does one relate to the Universe? The list of questions are endless and one can find answers to these questions in the Gita. It is extremely subtle and yet direct. It truly connects, directs, and gives satisfaction and contentment for all that one seeks.

Does the Gita give confounding messages while reading?

Let us take for example, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna not to have desires. In today’s materialistic world, one only has desires and this keeps increasing every single second. So, how can the Lord say to Arjuna not to have any desires.

India’s culture and tradition is thousands of years old. The Gita means to say, one has to have the desire to acquire knowledge. One should pursue intelligence. With knowledge and intelligence one can overcome the inane desires that strikes man relentlessly. One can overcome basic desires and desire for truth, for reaching out to the Lord and attaining enlightenment. It is good to have a desire for enlightenment not for wealth and progeny.

Another point that one gets mixed up with and argues endlessly is the Gita advises one to be detached in this world. How can one be detached in the world of social media, networking and aggressively pursuing a career one may ask. 

Once again, the Gita means to say clearly, one has to live life. One is connected with other human beings. There is family to be considered. One cannot shirk oneself from their responsibilities. All this is clear. What is even more clear is, one should be detached from lust, anger, sloth, greed, jealousy, control etc., that brings out negative emotions and energy in one. By detaching oneself from these emotions, one can remain happy, peaceful and live a meaningful life chanting the name of the Lord till the end.

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